Qian Qian

Creative Director

Galaxy S8: Times Square Takeover

Launching Samsung’s milestone device in the biggest way imaginable. 

Mamba Day

How you say goodbye to one of the greatest athletes of all time.

Can’t Stop

To promote Samsung’s fitness collection, we created a mix with Diplo that only plays when you move.


A nonlinear narrative experience based on Rihanna’s life and albums, designed to build anticipation for the release of ANTI, her 8th studio album.

Inside the Fridge

A love story that happened inside Kristen and Dax's Samsung Family Hub, the world’s first refrigerator with built-in cameras.

Virtual Reality Machine

Introducing Samsung Galaxy S7.

Holiday Dreams

A synchronized dreamscape built out of 74 different Samsung devices to tell the story of a young girl's charming holiday dream.

Texts From Mom

One more reason to give mom a call on Mother’s Day.

Try On A Six

A digital experience that let people test drive the Galaxy S6 using their iPhone.

It’s a Galaxy

TV campaign that highlights what makes a Samsung Galaxy more than a phone.

One Charge Challenge

Samsung Galaxy S5 survives a cross country road trip without recharging.

PNC Gift Maker

Turns financial education into toy making for the holidays.


Branding for DJ culture startup.

PNC Gift Hunt

A holidays gift scavenger hunt in Google Street View.

Baby Carrots

Selling healthy baby carrots as junk food.

Happiness Factory Now Hiring

Turning TV commercial into online Coca-Cola making games.

One Show 2007

China inspired visual identity for One Show Awards gala.

Nike Born From Obsession

Collaboration with W+K Tokyo and Nike. Making art from shoe parts.

Qian Qian is a creative director and designer based in New York City. Born and raised in China, educated in the UK, Qian currently works at R/GA as an Executive Creative Director. While doing advertising, he practices graphic design and illustration on the side. His work has been recognized by Cannes Lions, D&AD, One Show, ADC, and Webby among others, and exhibited internationally.

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